April is National Poetry Month, and we at Brampton Library are inviting you to read, listen, watch, and create in the wonderful, lyrical world of poetry.

From silly limericks, to classical sonnets, to modern free-form verse, poetry is easily experienced, accessible to everyone, and an excellent way to try your hand at creative writing. Poetry is everywhere, and humankind has been telling stories and communicating in this form since the very beginning. If you think poetry is all about the past, think again. Not only is poetry present in some of our most pervasive modern art forms (like rap), the right poem can even take the spotlight and help crystallize the hopes and dreams of our time, as we saw with Amanda Gorman’s reading at the US presidential inauguration. 

At Brampton Library, connecting you to inspiration and creativity is what we do. We’re celebrating this month with lists of recommended books and films and with some really fun videos showing how you can create and share poems from the comfort of your own home. 

Who knows? Maybe when the pandemic has eased, we will all feel the urge to get out, stand in the middle of a crowd, and just start rhyming! 

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