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Launchpads are educational tablets, pre-loaded with apps, videos, and games that cover a wide range of subjects and themes. Designed to give hours of interactive learning for kids aged three to five (3-5), six to eight (6-8), eight to ten (8-10), and 10 plus, Launchpad tablets are easy to use, require no internet connection, and are great for independent learning at home and on-the-go.

Choose Your Launchpad

Explore the categories below to find your next launchpad adventure. Click the category link of interest to see Launchpads in the catalogue and place your hold.  

Adventurous Learning

Whether you're travelling across our planet, exploring the galaxy, or discovering distant and fantasy worlds, open your mind to new ideas and build new skills with Adventurous Learning Launchpads. 

Animals and nature

Get a learning experience as wild as the animal kingdom! Animals and nature Launchpads will test your knowledge in math, reading, science, geography, and more, all while learning about the lives of animals and the incredible planet we call home.

Brain Breaks

Have fun, relax, and unwind with Brain Breaks Launchpads, featuring games that challenge your skills and make creative problem-solving and strategic thinking happen in exciting ways!

Creativity and imagination

Let's dream big with art, drawing, music, cooking, painting, and storytelling! Creativity and imagination Launchpads will have you flexing your imagination and practicing skills to help you find your creative voice!

Critical thinking and strategy

Boost your concentration, observation, and decision-making with critical thinking and strategy Launchpads! Put your skills to the test with logic puzzles, master memory games, and improve your reaction time with fun challenges.

Early literacy

Get ready for reading with early literacy Launchpads! Kids will build confidence with letters and words through early literacy games and stories.

Kids' favourites

These crowd-pleasers are sure to have your kids hooked on learning! Kids' favourites Launchpads feature popular themes like dinosaurs, princesses, pirates, and things that go, along with games and videos that include popular characters from storybooks and TV.

Kindergarten readiness

Perfect for preparing your little ones for school success, kindergarten readiness Launchpads include games and exercises that introduce kids to early learning concepts. From letters to numbers, colours to shapes, emotions and more, kids will build a solid foundation of skills for Preschool and Kindergarten.

Language learning

Whether you're learning English or French, language learning Launchpads are designed to help kids at any age learn words, phrases, pronunciation, and expand vocabulary through interactive games and stories.

Life skills

Designed for all ages, including early learners and learners with developmental disabilities, life skills Launchpads help kids navigate the world around them. Build important life skills, develop healthy habits, learn about safety, explore your emotions, and grow a love of learning.


Work your way through addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and algebra with math Launchpads! Explore games, puzzles, and challenges designed to help you practice logic and problem-solving, all while improving your math skills.

Reading skills and comprehension

Designed to teach you everything from the letter and word recognition to building vocabulary and improving spelling, Reading Skills & Comprehension Launchpads take you on an adventure that helps you become confident with reading & writing.

School review and summer learning

Exercise your brain over the summer months with School Review & Summer Learning Launchpads! Work on your skills in math, reading, and critical thinking with fun challenges and videos that don't feel like homework.


See the world through the eyes of a scientist with Science Launchpads. Learning is an adventure with experiments, games, and stories that take you through time and space, back to prehistoric life, across planet earth, and into outer space to learn about all things science!

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math)

Play your way through activities to build knowledge in science, technology, engineering, art, and math! STEAM Launchpads include interactive games and videos that make learning fun.

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