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Construction near the Cyril Clark Branch entrance, involving some noise and dust, is underway. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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About Brampton Brain Game

Children 0-12 years are invited to join our free summer learning program — Brampton Brain Game. By participating, children complete challenges that encourage them to foster a love of READing, engage in learning through PLAY, and EXPLORE their community. Our goal is to offer opportunities and incentives that motivate children’s learning throughout the summer months.

How It Works

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up between June 1 – September 2 at any Brampton Library branch or online at
  • Once registered, visit any Brampton Library location to pick-up your Brampton Brain Game Booklet and a free registration prize (while supplies last).
  • Start participating!
    • A Bingo Card is available for Baby Brainiacs (Birth-12m), Jr. Brainiacs (1-5y), and Brainiacs (6-12y). Choose the Bingo Card from your Brampton Brain Game Booklet that best matches your child’s age to start. For more information on how the Bingo Cards work, visit here
    • 3 Online Adventures are available for Brainiacs (6-12y). For more information on how the Online Adventures work, visit here.
  • Complete challenges anywhere you go this summer & visit the library report on your progress. When you complete all challenges on your Bingo Card or Online Adventure, you will be entered into a Grand Prize Draw of your choice.

Grand Prizes

Read, play and explore this summer for chances to win awesome prizes!

Grand Prizes

Grand Prizes for the Brampton Brain Game 2018 have been generously donated by

the Brampton Real Estate Board.


Thank you to our Community Partners who generously donated prizes to our summer programs.

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