What is the goal of Brampton Library Community Galleries?🔽

Brampton Library provides occasional exhibit space to individuals or groups wishing to display hanging works of art. This free exhibit space enables Library visitors to participate in the creative life of the community, and presents artists with a valued avenue for exhibiting their work.

Who can apply?🔽

Exhibits from Brampton and area artists and groups are preferred but others will also be considered in the application process.

How can I apply? 🔽

Artists are asked to fill out the Community Galleries Application Form and include a description of the exhibit, an artist biography and sample images of their work. Please select a preferred branch. Applicants will be contacted about their submission.

What are the artist’s responsibilities? 🔽

  • The Library does not pay exhibit fees. Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining their own damage insurance for the contents of their exhibit.
  • The artist must sign the Release and Waiver of Liability form.
  • The artist is responsible for the installation and deinstallation of the artwork at their own risk and expense.
  • Artwork must remain up for the entirety of the exhibition.

What criteria are used for selecting exhibits?🔽

  • Exhibited materials should be reflective of Brampton Library’s mission and values, as well as the diverse interests of the community, and suitable for showing in a public library. Keeping in mind that the Library is a public place and that those visiting are not necessarily aware of the art display before entering, extremely erotic or gratuitously violent, overtly political or sensitive subjects are not acceptable.
  • Brampton Library reserves the right to refuse to display any items considered to be inappropriate and/or unsuitable in a library setting.
  • Artwork should be ready for hanging.

How long is artwork displayed🔽

  • Exhibits will be for a period of one month at the discretion of Brampton Library.
  • Permission for an individual or group to exhibit is generally for a single occurrence and does not imply the right to repeat exhibits.

Can I sell my artwork at the library?🔽

Artists may include their contact information as part of their exhibition for visitors to directly inquire about purchasing and other information. Prices may not be attached to individual works.

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