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The spice take-and-make program is back with a Haitian-style mix for February and a Moroccan-inspired Italian dish for March. During these months, visit your local Brampton Library branch to pick up a free spice kit and then follow along with a video recipe created by a local chef. This page will provide links to the video recipes, information on each chef and their spice creations, and show how you can enter into a draw for an impressive cookbook.
About the kits

In February and March, we will be releasing a new spice kit and recipe card at your nearest library branch. By attempting the recipe on your own and capturing an image of your creation, you have a chance to win a cookbook that complements the featured recipes. Additional contest information can be in each kit.
Here’s what to expect:

March: Cheffrey’s Moroccan-Inspired Lamb Ragu Pasta

On March 22, pick up Cheffrey’s Moroccan-inspired lamb rub at your nearest branch while supplies last.

About Cheffrey

Chef Jeffrey (aka Cheffrey) is a successful private chef with a deep love for the culinary arts and boasts expert experience creating exquisite meals. He has been honing his craft for many years, earning his chef training at George Brown College, and working in and managing kitchens since 2005.  After 9 years working in corporate kitchens throughout the GTA, Jeffrey decided to focus his craft to the private side of hospitality.  He moved down to the Cayman Islands where he focused on being a private chef and learning a new world of Caribbean Cuisine. He has now since moved back home to Ontario where he runs and operates Cheffrey’s Kitchen and Catering based out of Hamilton. A natural leader with a love for public speaking, Chef Jeffrey leads culinary seminars and competitions and can't wait to inspire others with his innovative cuisine.

Video Recipe and Contest Details

Scan the QR code on your recipe card or check here to have Cheffrey introduce you to a Moroccan-inspired lamb and pasta dish. Snap a photo of the dish you come up with after watching Cheffrey’s video, then submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enter the contest.

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February: Chef Marc’s Haitian Boulette

Starting February 24, spice mixes consisting of smoked paprika, thyme, ground clove, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and citrus zest will be packaged with the following recipe card to your nearest Brampton Library branch. There is no need to register. Just simply go into your nearest branch and ask for a kit while supplies last.

About Chef Marc:

Chef Marc Kusitor graduated from George Brown’s culinary program 10 years ago and became interested in exploring the possibilities in the space between tradition and innovation in Afro-Caribbean cuisine. He combines restaurant techniques with family recipes and food memories instilled by his Haitian mother and his Ghanian father — both of whom were great cooks. Throughout his career, Marc has worked in various kitchens around Ontario and America and along the way has picked up a wide range of influences, experiences and techniques that carefully prepared him for his foray into entrepreneurship via his startup ChopTime Catering.
Video Recipe and Contest Details

Scan the QR code on your recipe card or check here to have Chef Marc walk you through his Haitian Boulette recipe. Once you’ve tried the recipe, snap a photo of your creation and submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tag us across our social media for a chance to win a cookbook.

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