To receive (or renew) your Brampton Library membership card, bring current name and address identification (ID) to any branch.

Adults (16 years+)

Name and address with photo

(no other ID required)

  • Driver’s license; or
  • Ontario Photo ID Card (16 years+)

If you don’t have either of the above, you must present one piece of Name and Address ID from the lists below.

Name ID

  • birth certificate
  • citizenship card
  • current bill or invoice
  • current lease
  • current legal document (subpoena, parole or bail)
  • employee ID or benefit card
  • hospital card
  • Permanent Resident card
  • Ontario health card
  • major credit card
  • passport
  • Social Insurance Number card
  • student card

Address ID

  • Issued within the previous two months of the date of registration or renewal.
  • current bill or invoice
  • current Government cheque
  • current lease or legal document

Teens (13-15 years)

Same options as for adults, or:

Name ID

• parent/guardian’s ID, or valid and current Brampton Library card

• school report or ID card

Address ID

• parent/guardian’s ID, or valid and current Brampton Library Card

• current letter from a teacher on official school stationery verifying student’s residency in Brampton and current address

• school report card with current address

Children (12 years & under)

If both child and parent/guardian are present

• parent/guardian’s ID valid and current Brampton Library card

• name & address ID for either parent/guardian or child

If the child is not present

• name & address ID for the parent/guardian

• ID with the child’s name

Temporary Addresses

One piece of ID (as listed above), plus a letter from the place where you are staying.

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