This winter wandering essential is great for walkers, hikers, backpackers, and snowshoers. Designed to be durable and ergonomic, trekking poles give you added comfort, stability, and support on tough terrain.  

Seasonal Activity Kits are offered in partnership with Brampton Recreation and with generous support from the JumpStart Community Development Grant.

What do I need to borrow this kit?

You will need a Brampton Library card in good standing to borrow trekking poles. Click here to learn how to get a library card

Where can I borrow this kit?

Trekking poles are available for pickup at Chinguacousy Branch Library. All seasonal activity kits are non-holdable and only available on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend checking availability before you visit the library.

Click here to check availability for trekking poles.

What is included in this kit?

Each trekking poles kit includes:

  • 2 Woods™ Exposure trekking poles
  • 2 smartphone mounting clips
  • 2 mud baskets
  • 2 rubber tips
  • 2 snow baskets
  • 1 storage bag

How long can I keep the kit? 

You can borrow trekking poles for seven (7) days. Please keep in mind that we are unable to provide loan renewals or extensions for this kit. We appreciate your co-operation in returning this kit in a timely manner.

Where can I return this kit?

Trekking poles can be returned during operational hours to Chinguacousy Branch Library. You will need to return this kit in person to library staff at the customer service desk. 

What if I have never used trekking poles before?

If you’re new to trekking poles, no worries! Let’s get started with a few simple steps and after a little practice you’ll find your rhythm.

Here are some basics you’ll need to consider for your first time you use trekking poles.

General guidelines

Trekking Pole adjusts between 29” and 59” (73-150cm)

Designed for all types of terrain.

When adjusting pole length, make sure not to extend beyond the indicated “STOP” line.

Please return the trekking pole in a shortened position.

Using trekking poles

  •  The trekking poles in this kit feature a three-section adjustable length. Before using, adjust the pole to desired height. There is an indicator on the middle segment of the pole that indicates the height in centimeters. Do not extend segments beyond the “STOP” lines.
  • Adjust your poles to the terrain.
    • On flat terrain, the pole should be adjusted to the height of your arm when bent at 90 degrees.
    • On inclines, your poles should be shortened to a length that allows you to comfortably plant the poles in front of you.
    • On declines, the poles should be extended to a length that allows you to maintain an upright position. 
  • The trekking poles come with a variety of attachments to use depending on the terrain. Outfit your pole with your chosen attachments prior to use.
    • Carbide Tip: This tip is attached to the pole. Use this tip for rock, dirt, sand, grass and snow. 
    • Rubber Tip: Place this tip directly over the carbide tip. Use this tip for general use, trails, or paved ground. 
    • Mud Basket: The smallest of the circular attachments, use this when travelling on deep mud or deep grass. 
    • Snow Basket: The largest of the circular attachments, use this when travelling on deep snow. 
    • Phone/Camera Mount: Remove trekking pole cap, then screw on provided phone/camera mount attachment.

Where can I use trekking poles?

Trekking poles can be used on trails to help you keep balance and stability while enjoying the outdoors. Brampton is home to several recreational trails where you can get active and explore nature in the winter. Click here to learn more about recreational trails in Brampton.

If you’re looking for adventure outside of Brampton, we recommend visiting a conservation area. Grab your trekking poles and go hiking through the natural woodland trails at Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and Credit Valley Conservation (CVC). Click here to place a hold on a family general admission pass.

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