Overdues are over forever! Brampton Library materials are now permanently fines-free!

In December 2021, the Brampton Library board approved the permanent removal of fines on overdue materials.

Our children’s materials have been fines-free since September 2018. At the 2020 Ontario Library Association Super Conference, we proudly received the Minister’s Award for Innovation for this initiative. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, all materials became fines-free to help remove barriers to access.

We appreciate returns of borrowed items in a timely manner and no fees will be applied to items that are returned in good condition.

"Fines are increasingly at odds with the Library's mission, impacting those least able to pay, most vulnerable, and often racialized," said Brampton Library CEO Todd Kyle in this article.

We are delighted to confirm that all of our materials are now permanently fines-free! 

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