Welcome to Black History Month 2024! Here at Brampton Library, honouring the successes, challenges, and resilience of the Black community locally and in Canada is a way of fulfilling our mission to build an inclusive community. Visit our website to discover the programs and resources that are freely available to you.

The Black community in Brampton has deep roots. From a small number of settlers in the nineteenth century – likely escaped and freed former slaves – the community has grown through successive waves of migration from elsewhere in North America as well as the Caribbean and Africa. 

Today, the Black community is the second-largest visible minority group in Peel, comprising over 137,000 people in 2021, 62% of whom live in Brampton. They work in multiple professions, operate thriving businesses, and are active in churches, community organizations, and the arts. 

This month – and throughout the year – I invite you to experience the vibrancy of Black culture, seek out  Black-owned businesses and participate in events such as those held by Brampton on Stage,  Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives and of course Brampton Library. I hope to see you here!

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