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Flowers, candy, cards, stuffed animals...

As Valentine's Day approaches, we thought we would offer an alternative way to give something from the heart (pun very much intended).

3D Printed cookie cutters, used to make cookies and Jello.

Whether you take the day seriously or not, celebrate it coupled or otherwise, at least consider these ideas as an excuse to get into our makerspaces and gain some 3D Printing skills!

1. Three heart gears

Starting off with a really nerdy one here, but we know you'll appreciate it. Gear up for a fun print, with these heart gears.

Image of 3D printed 3 Heart gears acquired from Thingiverse

2. Secret heart box

Keep those tiny valuables secret, or use it as a symbol of keeping your loved one's heart safe. Either way, send us a picture of this one if you print it!

3. Open your heart…

...and fill it with candy! This one is impressive both because it's a very cool thing to have made yourself, but also because it can potentially hold sweet treats. 

4. Twisted heart vase

Go for this print to house a lovely bouquet, or print it for yourself in anticipation of all the flowers you'll be receiving. One can never be too prepared.

5. Heart bookmark

Let's be honest, we're all book nerds at heart. Print 2 of these, one for you, and one for a book loving friend!

6. Heart cookie cutters

Heart with wings 3D printed cookie cutter, image from thingiverse

A cartoonish heart with wings, if you're feeling whimsical. 

Or, an anatomical heart, if you're feeling like a realist. Both equally romantic, of course.

7. Barista Milk Froth Stencil

It's always nice to put a little extra effort in on Valentine's Day, especially on one's self. Make yourself an extra fancy, extra ironic latte, extra foam. 

Coffee foam art made with a 3D printed broken heart stencil, image from Thingiverse

Please share your #Makerspace creations with us @Bramptonlibrary! 

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