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Shola Ajasa image

Shola Ajasa

Kindergarten Rockstar 

Sometimes I Feel Like 

Tidy Up Your Mess

Shola is a Canadian Author of children books with over a decade of facilitating early childhood learning in kindergarten classroom setting. She resides and works in the Region of Peel. Shola has published several children books that focused on children’s different play areas and encourages early literacy and numeracy. Among her books in recent years are: "Sometimes, I Feel Like" and "Kindergarten Rockstar" that celebrate children’s positive achievements; and "Tidy Up Your Mess" that creates awareness and helps children form a good habit of tidying up after play.

Deborah Armstrong image

Deborah Armstrong

Love's Farewell

I live with my family on our dairy farm in Caledon. I write contemporary romance and women's fiction. My Davina and Quinn series is for readers who love their romance hot and spicy, while my Game Changer series is for readers who prefer sizzle. If you like to read about Hollywood heartthrobs, sexy rock stars, or military heroes, my books are for you. When not writing or doing farm work, I enjoy reading, travelling, watching movies, and spending time with my family and friends. My writing is fueled by lots of strong coffee. I love the writing process. My characters decide when and how to tell their story. They talk to me at the strangest times. When I'm driving, out for a walk, or trying to fall asleep, they whisper in my ear and say, "This is what needs to happen next."

Jass Aujla image

Jass Aujla

Next of Twin

JASS AUJLA is a Canadian South-Asian author of suspense-thriller fiction. Jass studied creative writing as an undergraduate at the University of Toronto. She’s passionate about creativity and personal growth, and is an active member of the Canadian Authors Association, and a Professional Author Member of the Crime Writers of Canada. When Jass isn’t working on one of her twisty novels, she can be found writing poetry and prose on social media. Her microfiction and poetry have appeared in several bestselling anthology publications worldwide, including Hidden In Childhood , From One Line, and 50 Give or Take. Jass’ highly anticipated debut novel, NEXT OF TWIN is available through major retailers.

Eleanor Beharie image

Eleanor Beharie

The Sweetness of Jamaica: the Land I Love

Eleanor St. Theresa Beharie was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She is a storyteller by nature and enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life. She is multi-talented and enjoys travelling, reading, and expressing her creativity through various crafts. Eleanor is a mother of two and has two grandchildren. She currently resides with her husband in Ontario, Canada.

Corlan Blissett image

Corlan Blissett

Supernatural Living

The Book of Revelation

The Supernatural is Real

Corlan Blissett is a Retired Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. Canada. She worked as a Public Health Nurse for the City of Toronto, Ontario Canada for 26 years, before her retirement. She also has a Bachelor of Theology, and a Doctor of Theology Degree. She has participated in medical missions with various churches, assisting in such countries as Jamaica, India, South Africa, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic. She presently ministers in the Prisons, and provide community support to seniors. Corlan Blissett has appeared live as a guest on the Full Circle Television Program at Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. Ontario, Canada. She was also on Chayil Conversations with Pat Francis on Facebook, where she shared her testimony about God’s Miraculous Intervention in her life.

Lynda Brunelle image

Lynda Brunelle

Red Sky At Night

Murderer's Delight

Snowed In For Murder

Lynda lives in Brampton, Ontario, with her two small children and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She's been writing and releasing three books in her Forecast For Murder Mystery Series, plus a fourth book coming soon. When she's not writing, she's flying the skies as a flight attendant.

Lena Cebula image

Lena Cebula


Lena Cebula was born and raised in a post-USSR Ukrainian iron mining town. She has struggled in poverty trying to survive. She is a drug addiction and human trafficking survivor. Today Lena is a wife and mother of three beautiful children. She is an author of a spiritual autobiography called Miraculous. It’s a raw and transparent account of her life chronicles. Portion of the profits goes to Fight4Freedom to support survivors. Lena Cebula is a social justice advocate, blogger, professional public speaker and host of Love&BLoved Podcast. Lena is sharing the Good News of God’s love and creating awareness about the reality of human trafficking. She wants to move people with encouragement, inspiration and motivation and to offer hope, that there is a chance to have love, joy, peace and wholeness again after trauma!

Jeannette Chau image

Jeannette Chau

My Mom is a Civil Engineer!

My Mom is an Electrical Engineer! 

Jeannette Chau is a children’s author, electrical engineer and a mom! She studied electrical engineering at the University of Toronto, and worked in telecommunications when she graduated. Jeannette found that there were not many women in engineering, and that many young girls didn’t really know what a career in engineering was about. Many adults, even, don’t know much about the different types of engineering. Jeannette decided to write some books for children to show them real moms who were engineers and the kind of work that they do. Jeannette is a proud electrical engineer and mother of two children, Emily and Casey. She lives with her husband, children, cat, fish and lizard in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Jaspal Cheema image

Jaspal Cheema

The Punjabi Gurmukhi Alphabet Book

Jaspal Cheema hails from Punjab (India) where he was born in 1964. He immigrated to Canada in 1981 and has lived in several cities since then. He completed his high school education in Edmonton and received his B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Applied Statistics from the University of Alberta. He moved to Ontario in 1987 and attended the University of Western Ontario, London, for his Master's education in Social Demography. He has been an active member of the Ontario Public Service from Government of Ontario since 1991. He currently resides with his family in Brampton.

Jeyolyn Christi image

Jeyolyn Christi

I Crossed the Ocean

Jeyolyn Christi is a Tamil-Canadian multidisciplinary artist and writer who explores the intersection of photography and storytelling. Her creative work is both personal and communal, stemming from the lived experiences of herself and others. She holds a Certificate of Photography Skills from OCAD University in 2019 and is a member at Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. Created over five years, "I Crossed the Ocean" is a collection of stories and visuals that explores themes of migration, displacement, and diasporic identity. Stories were gathered through in-person visits and interviews in nine countries, as well as virtual interviews during the pandemic.

Desreen Clarke-Miller image

Desreen Clarke-Miller

Your Perspective or God’s Perspective?

The author, Desreen Clarke-Miller is a Christian woman. She migrated to Canada from Jamaica over 20 years ago. "Your Perspective or God's Perspective? A Collection of Poems for Encouraging God's Perspective" is her first published work. Over the years, Desreen has overcome many challenges in life by drawing on her faith. This includes unimaginable grief, following the loss of her nineteen year old son, then a student at Humber College, Ontario. She shares in poetry how trusting God and choosing his perspective can help an individual to maintain their sanity in difficult situations. Desreen has lived in Brampton for nineteen years, along with her beloved husband Michael and their daughter Mikaelia. 

Marcie Costello image

Marcie Costello


Silver Buttons

For thirteen years I have had the privilege of working with families in all facets of life as a newborn and family photographer, being witness to moments life brings both small and big, happy and sad. As a mother to three who are now teen to adult, I have experienced all of the tremendous love and worry, patience and joy, doubt and celebration that come along with parenting. Now obtaining my BA in Psychology to enhance my career and as a parent, I believe that whatever we’re feeling cannot be measured by anyone else. So, when I raised my own children, giving them the freedom to express their feelings however they needed to was pivotal to showing them the love and respect they deserve; a safe place to share their thoughts, express their fears, and know that they are never doing anything alone. I write about all the big feelings we experience in life.

Taijah Cox-Armstrong image

Taijah Cox-Armstrong

I Will Make a Difference

My name is Taijah Cox-Armstrong. (She/her). I was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Brampton Ontario. I am a 22 year old youth Community Leader who is passionate about seeing change in my community. I am the founder of several non-profit organizations that cater to the black and homeless communities in Canada. I have a passion for helping my community and I have ensured that my job aligns with my passion. I am a project manager and events coordinator, program executive and a digital literacy instructor. I am also the author of "I Will Make a Difference", which is the first children's activity booklet written to teach kids about anti-racism.

Oksanna Crawley image

Oksanna Crawley

Super Hammy Gets His Shot

Super Hammy Flies to the Moon

Super Hammy Bakes a Cheesecake

Oksanna Crawley is the author and illustrator of the Supper Hammy series with over 30 books for early readers. Her new picture book, Pirate Glitterbeard, which she co-wrote and illustrated with her daughter, Larissa, will be published in the fall of 2023 by Rebel Mountain Press. Oksanna is a former kindergarten teacher and radio journalist.

Victoria Daley image

Victoria Daley

Birthday Party at Daddy's House

Mommy Lives Here Daddy Lives There

Victoria Daley is a community worker, educator and avid collaborator. However, the most important role she plays is being a mother to her beautiful eight year old daughter Paige Mia, who inspired the chronicles of Mia's World Book Series and is currently living out their own co-parenting relationship. Victoria writes diverse children's books based on her co-parenting experience and written from a child's perspective. Victoria Daley takes immense pride in her co-parenting journey; Victoria delivers a curated, thoughtful and impactful message. Victoria enjoys speaking about experiences and providing advice in initiating positive dialogue and conversation related to co parenting as well as building confidence and resilience. Her biggest role as an author is to inspire those around her, the black community through story and books.

Author image not provided

Sukhdev Kaur Dhade

Easter Friend Robin With The Red Hat

Valentine Friend Robin with the Red Hat

Sukhdev Kaur Dhade is Author of Books: ( Poetry: Behind The Sun, Passion. Novel: Breeze, Across Ocean, NEEDLE. Children: Robin with the Red Hat, Robin with the Magic Wing, Valentine Friend Robin with the Red Hat, Easter Friend Robin with the Red Hat ----- series )

Dr. Sandip Dhakecha Image

Dr. Sandip Dhakecha

Breaking the Blockchain Myths

Dr. Sandip is an academician and a technology enthusiast. He teaches Consumer Psychology, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management at different business schools in Canada. He is also the Founder and CEO of CogniKite Consulting Inc., a Canadian education consulting company. Dr. Sandip has an advanced understanding of the latest technologies and loves to consume world cinema and books in his spare time. He also likes to learn new technologies and tech trends to stay ahead of the curve. This is his first book and is the outcome of a lengthy research and a comprehensive understanding of relatively new tech trends related to blockchain.

Annette Dhanasar image

Annette Dhanasar

Upward Ever - Chelsea’s Way to Freedom

Annette Dhanasar career spans over two decades in Human Resources where she held senior leadership positions working at Fortune 100 companies, Hi-Tech Start-ups and SMB’s in multi-jurisdiction environments extensively across North America. As an active member in the Canadian HR community, Annette serves as an Industry Expert with the Human Resources Association of Ontario on the CHRL Examination Validation Committee contributing to the Law and Knowledge Exams. She has been an Advisory Member at Acces Employment - HR Connections Program for over a decade, where her involvement includes shaping, recommending, and evaluating career transition programs designed for Internationally Educated Professionals.
Annette enjoys volunteering at various charities and giving back real life experience through her Children’s Book “Upward Ever: Chelsea’s Way to Freedom.”

Stephanie Duff image

Stephanie Duff

Me and My Hair

My Big Dream

Stephanie Duff is the author of “Me and My Hair” and "My Big Dream", the first two books in The Rayne Project series. She is a passionate teacher in Toronto, Canada who has been teaching children for over 10 years. She received her Bachelor of Education from York University and her Masters of Education from the University of Toronto. Stephanie is committed to four things: maximizing learning in any space, promoting a healthy sense of self, inspiring leadership and fostering critical thinking. She has dedicated her career to each of these pursuits. When she is not writing or teaching, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, good conversation and home cooked meals.

Christina Somers image

Christina Somers

Ally Loves Pajamas

Author Christina Somers is from Mississauga, Ontario. She has garnered many fans for her debut book, Ally Loves Pajamas, which was inspired by her daughter and illustrated by her husband. As a kid that used to regularly visit the library and fill her backpack with books, she is now living her author dream visiting schools to read her own book to classes. She is an enthusiastic advocate for children’s literacy, opening her own Little Free Library and hosting story time sessions in the park for her local community.

Patrinia Elliott image

Patrinia Elliott

The Penny Dropped

Patrinia is an Author and life coach originally from Jamaica. She has Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and French and is also a French national of France. Patrinia has spent the past ten years working and developing her staff within the hospitality industry.

Anjula evans image

Anjula Evans

Guess How I'm Feeling

The Super-Hero Survival Guide

What Is Foster Care?

After authoring three novels and several illustrated children's books, Anjula continues to write at full tilt! She is passionate about her writing, which she does on a daily basis. Always aspiring to improve her craft, she soaks up new information like a sponge, and feels inspired when learning new writing techniques. Anjula has several illustrated children's books meant to help build self-esteem and address difficult topics such as feelings, COVID, bullying, foster care, losing a loved one, why skin color is different, and more. She has a background as a Children's Therapist with a Master's Degree, and brings that experience to her writing. The underlying message in her books is: "It's possible to face our challenges and overcome them."

Andrew Fantasia image

Andrew Fantasia

We Were Wizards, Book I: Seekers of the Stones

We Were Wizards, Book II: Ghosts of Wizards Past

Andrew is a writer & actor who will probably be telling stories until the day he dies. He lives in Brampton, Ontario, and is currently working on more novels than any sane human being should.

picture of surmount team

Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto 

Surmount Vol. 1 Carefree

SURMOUNT is more than a publication to our team. Back in mid-2022, our advisor Ven. Chueh Fan from Fo Guang Shang Temple observed that the local community needed a publication to raise awareness of our own spiritual wellbeing amidst the backdrop of the pandemic. We started out by wanting to share the wisdom of Humanistic Buddhism with a greater audience, so everyone could care for their own spiritual and mental wellbeing. Hence, we gathered as an amateur team of contributors and dedicated the next six months towards this project. Our team included people of diverse backgrounds. We all strived to share our talents, insights, even professionalism in a manner that instill a peaceful carefreeness in the hearts of our readers in challenging times. Our humble work is our way to serve our community.

Camille Glasgow image

Camille Glasgow

Finding Hope

You are Beautiful Just the Way You are

Camille is the founder of the Kamille Foundation, which she started as a single mother. She was aware that she wished to support other single mothers and fathers who faced similar challenges. Camille has a passion for singing and writing music and writing; after ten years, she finally released her first book. She believes that this book will touch the lives of the readers. She now bears the title of author after she publishing her first book, "Finding Hope, for Those Without a Voice," in addition to her first children book call, You are beautiful just the way you are.

 Brajinder Gulati image

Brajinder Gulati

Footprints and Other Stories

Late Brajinder Gulati was an avid short story writer. She had written over 20 short stories in over a span of decade. “Footprints” was her dream project – this includes one of her original short stories “Footprints” and compilation of short stories contributed by various prominent writers from Punjabi community. Besides short stories and poems, she also wrote and presented many articles on social issues in the meetings of Punjabi Kalman Da Kafla. She was highly enthusiastic about translating Canadian Punjabi stories into English. As an active and dedicated member of the Kafla, she played a vital role in its management team for a long time. Though her sudden demise has left a void that can never be filled, she will live forever through this book, which is painstakingly completed and presented by her loving husband Manmohan Gulati.

Cleonie Hedgin image

Cleonie Hedgin

Sacred Heart

Cleonie is originally from Jamaica where she worked for five years as a auditors after obtaining a B.Sc. degree in Business with a major in Accounting from the Northern Caribbean University. Cleonie moved to Canada in August 2013, where she began her journey as a fantasy writer and now the author of her first novel "Sacred Heart: the Rebirth of Sarah Carver." Presently Cleonie lives in Brampton and recently a graduate of Registered Practical Nurse. She is also a single mother of three children, two girls and one boy. Presently she is working on the upcoming poetry book to be published. She enjoys travelling, writing, and helping others and hope to make a difference in the lives of others through her work.

Mahak Jain image

Mahak Jain

Bharatanatyam in Ballet Shoes

Mahak Jain is an award-winning author based in Mississauga. She has also lived in Delhi, Dubai, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Montreal, and Toronto. Having grown up in many places around the world, her adult fiction and poetry explore what it means to thrive or survive in a state of in-betweenness, while her children’s books are all in some way about imagination, identity, and the arts. In addition to being an author, Mahak is passionate about literary citizenship. She has curated and developed programming for underrepresented and emerging voices and taught and mentored creative writing for several community organizations. She is currently on the Editorial Board and is a professor of creative writing at Sheridan College.

Tamika Jarrett image

Tamika Jarrett

Rhymes Unspoken

Tamika Jarrett is a devoted mother of two children, an entrepreneur, and an avid reader and writer from Jamaica. "Rhymes Unspoken" is her first published book establishing her as a poet. Tamika Jarrett uses the artistic medium of poetry to express and describe her story of dealing with narcissistic abuse while navigating diverse societies. Tamika Jarrett enjoys and uses philosophy, spirituality, and her lived experiences as inspiration for her writings on personal healing through self-development. She hopes her work will resonate with others and encourage them to share their stories in the way they know how.

Michael Joll image

Michael Joll

The Darkest Hour

Michael Joll is the author of two previous novels and two collections of short stories. His wife of many, many years is his most accurate critic, as most wives seem to be. His daughters have read his stories. His grandchildren have not. Thus, their illusions remain intact. He has written close to one hundred short stories, many published, including several award winners, and three radio plays. One of his short stories has recently been adapted for radio to be broadcast in Australia. Coming from a family with a military background, many of his stories are of love, war and other mistakes. "The Darkest Hours," incorporating all three of these themes, is his third published novel. Born in England at the end of the Second World War, the author and his wife have called Brampton home since 1975.

Taranum Khan & Daisy Wright image

Taranum Khan & Daisy Wright

21 Resilient Women

Taranum Khan, Ph.D., PMP®, CCS, is an award of excellence-winning career strategist certified in 360Reach Personal Branding. She educates professionals to optimize their network with confidence. Her contribution to employment, recruitment and settlement in Canada is precedent-setting. Her passion is creating a positive impact on lives and challenge norms to #maketheway. Taranum is happiest when collaborating with her admirably ingenious sons.

Daisy Wright, Chief Encouragement Officer, ACC CCDP CCTC , has been collaborating with executives, mid-level professionals and emerging leaders, to help them find satisfying careers. People seek her insights because they enjoy working with someone who is genuine and relatable. Her coaching process is a collaborative one that incites awareness, inspires change, and enables clients to gain clarity to articulate their value!

Harkanwal Korpal image

Harkanwal Korpal


Dr. Harkanwal Korpal is a renowned journalist in Punjabi vernacular print media, with over 25 years of experience voicing Punjabi art, culture, heritage, and socio-political concerns in India through insightful journalistic writings. He has worked as Bureau Chief for top Punjabi daily newspapers such as Ajit, Akali Patarika, Desh Sewak, Aaj Di Awaaz, Fateh, and magazines including Aks, Anhad Naad, Sada Punjab, and Sufidhara. Dr. Korpal has objectively, impartially, and realistically explored critical socio-economic and political geography in Punjab, particularly during the 1980s to early 2000s period, for which he has been recognized on the state level for his diligent work. He has authored six notable books, including two in English: "The Genesis of Damdami Taksal," "The Halloed Trinity," "Ishq Allah Di Zaat," "Diwan-e-Qadri," and "Fakarnama."

Ricky Lima image

Ricky Lima

Vulture Overdrive

Ricky is a creator from Southern Ontario.

Lakshman Makavita image

Lakshman Makavita

Guwanedi Liyu Kavi

Lakshman Makavita lives in Brampton. He has been in the Aviation Field in Sri Lanka, Singapore and migrated to Canada in 1981. In Canada, he worked as an Engineer for Bristol Aerospace in Winnipeg, MBB Helicopters in Fort Erie and Air Canada in Toronto and Montreal. As an employee of Air Canada, he used to fly from Toronto to Montreal weekly for over 17 years. During his weekly flights, he used to jot down poetry at the back of the boarding passes. He published this collection of poetry, with the title Guwanedi Liyu Kavi, "Poetry During Flight” in English in Sinhala language, in Sri Lanka. 

Allen W. McLean image

Allen W. McLean

Together in Forever

Allen W. McLean is a self-published author of metaphysical speculative fiction, of scifaiku sci-fi haiku poetry and of book reviews. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Ontario, Canada. April Salisbury-White produces psychedelic music as "Electric Armchair"; at her behest, Allen began sharing poetry on his book reviews and works in progress as “HaikuPrajna” with Alchemic Wisdom & Bite-sized Insights, which have been collected both online and in print; together they form The A² Production Team. Allen W. McLean's books focus on transcending hindrances with ideas from neoplatonism, metaphysics and theology alongside practices like mindfulness meditation.

Sarena and Sasha Nanua image

Sarena and Sasha Nanua

Daughters of the Dawn

Sisters of the Snake

Sarena Nanua and Sasha Nanua are twin sisters living in Ontario, Canada. Born on Diwali ten minutes apart from each other, they grew up loving stories about twins and magic, and began writing books together when they were nine years old. They are graduates of the English, French, and Professional Writing programs at the University of Toronto. Their newest duology, the Ria & Rani series including "Sisters of the Snake” and “Daughters of the Dawn”, is available in stores and online now, and was inspired by their Indian heritage and love of sister-switch stories.

Norma Fay Nicholson

Norma Fay Nicholson

Young Lives on the Line

Norma Fay Nicholson is a retired RN and four-time self-published author who uses the contents from her non-fiction publications to educate and empower at-risk children/ youth and their families. I hold an MA in Adult Education from Michigan University and BA in Sociology and Psychology from University of Toronto. I am highly involved in public speaking, teaching and supporting youth to reach their potential. I market my books at community engagements and online from my Square Website and I am regularly asked to speak on topics that are related to the challenges faced by minority families such as mental illness, crisis in the family and the justice system.

Ken Puddicombe  image

Ken Puddicombe

Scaling new heights

The darkest hours

Ken Puddicombe is a retired CPA,CMA whose writing has appeared in newspapers and literary journals. "Racing with The Rain," his first novel is set in British Guiana, Cuba, Canada and Guyana was published in 2012. His second novel "Junta" was published in 2014 and is set in the fictional island of Saint Anglia. His collection of short stories "Down Independence Boulevard" was released in 2017 and won the 2022 Guyana Prize for Literature (Fiction). His first book of poems "Unfathomable and Other Poems" was released in May 2020. His genre is fiction, based on international locations but especially focussed in Canada, the Caribbean and Guyana. He is a member of several Writers’ Groups and provides guidance to other writers while continues to write his own stories.

Lucia Williams image

Lucia Williams

Our Miracle Baby

Lucia Williams hails from Sierra Leone West of Africa. Born and raised until she relocated to USA then finally settling in Ontario Canada. She shares a home with her husband. She holds a BS as a RD, a MPH and is a CCPA. Currently practicing as Canadian Certified Physician Assistant. She loves traveling, music, God and is family oriented. She considered herself a foodie. Writing a book was never in her box of dreams but out of an obedience from God she made the leap. She believes we should face head on our insecurities, vulnerabilities and whatever comes our way. We don't always have to have it all together. Be brutally honest with yourself & be an active participant in life. Her mantra is 'if you are afraid, do it afraid, but do it'.

Alyssa Ross image

Alyssa Ross

The Tides

Alyssa Ross is the author of “The Power of the Moon and Sun” ,“Written in the Stars: Omari's Story”, “The Tides”, and the author and illustrator of “The Tiger Prince”. She has an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and lives in Brampton with her family. When she's not writing, she loves going for walks around the city, making art in a variety of mediums, and testing her culinary skills.

Gaurisha Sardana image

Gaurisha Sardana

The True Heroes

Gaurisha was born in India and acquired education in India as well as Canada. Poetry attracted her since childhood and she didn't realize when it became her passion. She loves to embellish her thoughts and feelings into a poetic expression. She imagines her poems as dewdrops that she wishes to scatter everywhere and cherish their shimmer and glitter!

Vardeep Singh image

Vardeep Singh

A Carnival of Existence

Vardeep is a dreamer. By morning he works as a Volunteer Coordinator and by night he dons the hat of a writer: when all is quiet, he distills his dreams into poetry and prose. He is an avid reader and loves to saunter through narrow aisles of local bookstores. He is a proud father and a loving husband. In a previous avatar (before the migration, that is) he was a dentist, hospital administrator, health promoter and an assistant professor. He derives immense inspiration from his diverse and multicultural city - Brampton.

Sadé Smith image

Sadé Smith

Granny's Kitchen

Sadé Smith is a Canadian children's book author of "Granny's Kitchen", and "Julie and the Mango Tree". She is of Jamaican descent and her books often involve food with colorful illustrations to capture the vibrancy and beauty of the Caribbean islands. In addition to writing, Sadé is also a design technologist who loves the beach and enjoys fruits. She is very passionate about literature and she writes books of representation for young readers. Granny's Kitchen is nominated for the Blue Spruce Award for The Forest of Reading 2023.

Pietro Sostegno image

Pietro Sostegno

I Remember

Pietro Sostegno was born in Butera, Italy and manifested at an early age interest in reading and learning international literature. He received an education in minding engineering in Calanisseta (Italy). He emigrated to Germany where, after three years of working, he enrolled at the University of Mainz in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. He later came to Canada and eventually got a Bachelor of Education. He worked in high schools as a teacher of Physics and Mathematics in Ontario Canada and Hamburg in Germany.Eventually, he entered the financial field of insurance, building up a God-dependent business. Pietro resides in Brampton with his wife Mary and their two daughters and families.

Olive Rose Steele image

Olive Rose Steele

Self-publish Your Book

Olive Rose Steele is a published author of four non-fiction books, two novels, and a memoir. Her work extends across author networks, workshops on writing and self-publishing, and individual mentorship. She resides in Mississauga with her husband, Herbert. She is the mother of one and the grandmother of two girls.

Jag Kaur Takhar image

Jag Kaur Takhar

Now's the Time

Jag Kaur Takhar is a multilingual, realtor, now a cancer survivor and author. Her diverse experiences across two continents enabled her to overcome many professional and personal challenges. She currently resides in the greater Toronto area with her two boys. As a single mother, and at the young age of 37, Jag refused to see her breast-cancer diagnosis as a death sentence. She took a positive attitude and decided to face the challenge with compassion and dignity. Empowered with a new lease on life, Jag hopes to pay it forward, share her knowledge, and synergize her community-at-large. Jag is actively engaged in raising awareness through developing resources and sharing experiences.

Shannon Terrell image

Shannon Terrell

The Guest House

Shannon Terrell is a personal finance writer and spokesperson. She graduated from the University of Toronto Mississauga with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Communications and English Literature. Her novel, The Guest House, was published in 2019 and won the 2022 Whistler Independent Book Award. She has had her work published in various academic and literary journals, including Mindwaves, Compass, and Archetype. Her novel is currently taught as part of the Professional Writing and Communications course curriculum at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Tuula Redditt & Paul Redditt image

Tuula Redditt 


Tuula Redditt is a children's book author and illustrator of the picture book "Schluberhound". Together with husband Paul Redditt, developed this lovely book of rhymes for children ages (2 to 7 years old). This fun book walks you through the personality of dogs and their 'Schluber'. Inspired by Tuula and Paul's weimaraner "Trek". The illustrations in this book were hand drawn and painted with water colours. As illustrators Tuula and Paul live in Brampton and LOVE dogs!

Fiona E Vander Wilp image

Fiona E Vander Wilp

I Love Being Me

A graduate of Sheridan College, Fiona E Vander Wilp works as an Educational Assistant for a large Toronto-area school board. She is an artist, author, painter and illustrator, and has a passion for gardening.

Urbah image

Urbah Viqar

Manner Book For Muslim Kids

Urbah is a revolutionary new author, whose work has become increasingly important for our society. With a passion for writing stories that inspire positive change, Urbah has tackled important topics such as Islamic manners and etiquette for children and mental health. Her writing has had a profound impact on countless lives, making her an important voice in our society today.

Jas Virdee image

Jaspal Virdee

Flowers on the Far Side

Jas Virdee is a hobby writer and an avid nature lover. A father of three children, the youngest being an autistic gem who loves the nature and outdoors. His energy in nature inspires Jas to be one with Gaia and capture as many beautiful moments as possible while writing poetry and prose to make those moments memorable.

Gurpreet Virdi-Bains image

Gurpreet Virdi-Bains

Aura's Gratitude for Nature

Gurpreet Virdi-Bains is a wife and mother two girls and a children’s author. Gurpreet wrote her first book “Aura’s Gratitude for Nature” after finding that there were no books available teaching children the art of Gratitude. After the success of the first book, Gurpreet wrote her second book “Gratitude Pizza.” The books are designed to teach young readers about gratitude and mindfulness- in a fun and easy way. Today, Gurpreet runs a company where she creates products and books for children to learn about Gratitude. When Gurpreet isn’t writing, you can find her online on her Mom Blog page or speaking on her Podcast.

Nancy Whiteford image

Nancy Whiteford

My Skating Dream

Nancy Whiteford is a first time Children's Picture Book author publishing her book "My Skating Dream" in January 2023. Nancy is currently working on her second book "It's More Than Hockey" in her "Adventures With Sassafrass" book series. She has been coaching Figure Skating and Power Skating in Brampton for 43 years. After winning the 2009 Skating International Championships, Nancy was Inducted into The Brampton Sports Hall of Fame in 2015. Nancy loves spending time with her family, coaching, reading and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Belynda Wilson Thomas

Belynda Wilson Thomas

Krypto Goes To Puppy School

Belynda Wilson Thomas was born and raised in Saskatchewan. She is married and has two grown children and a grandson. She lives in Mississauga with her husband. She has written two novels, "Secrets and Silence," and a sequel, "Secrets and Sorrow," as well as two illustrated children's books, "When Can We Get A Puppy," and "Krypto Goes To Puppy School." She also writes a blog. 

Simion Wright & Sashana Anderson image

Simion Wright & Sashana Anderson

The Little House

Simion Wright was born in Portland Jamaica and is currently living in Ontario, Canada. He owns and operates a small spice manufacturing company called Spice Man Manufacturing Inc. Simion uses his free time to write life changing stories, songs and more. Sashana Anderson was born in Jamaica and resides in Ontario, Canada. She attended Sheridan College to complete her studies in Business Administration - Human Resources along with York University for her undergrad in Human Resources Management. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and writing stories with the thought of children in mind.

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