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Seasonal Activity Kits from the Winter Collection are available from December to March.

Explore the categories below to learn about Seasonal Activity Kits, free to borrow with your Brampton Library card. Each kit contains a unique, self-directed activity to encourage outdoor fun and active living over the winter. When you find a kit that interests you, click on the link to learn more.

Thank you to Brampton Recreation and the JumpStart Community Development Grant for making these Seasonal Activity Kits available.

Outdoor Activities

Adult snowshoes

If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape even when the snow falls, snowshoeing is an excellent low-impact aerobic exercise that’s also beginner friendly. Designed to support 110 to 160 pounds.

A set of adult snowshoes

Learn more about adult snowshoes.

Check availability for adult snowshoes.

Kids snowshoes 

Keep your child active over the winter season with snowshoes! The lightweight plastic frame and tapered design allows for a natural stride, while the easy-to-use ratchet binding means more time playing and less time getting ready. Designed to support 40 to 90 pounds.

Kids snowshoes with a snowman image on the heal

Learn more about kids' snowshoes.

Check availability for kids' snowshoes.

Trekking poles

This winter wandering essential is great for walkers, hikers, backpackers, and snowshoers. Designed to be durable and ergonomic, trekking poles give you added comfort, stability, and support on tough terrain.  

Trekking polls

Learn more about trekking poles.

Check availability for trekking poles.

Indoor Activities

Mini hockey set

Who needs ice? Play your favourite sport around the house with mini sticks, nets, and a ball! This mini hockey set comes with everything you need to play. Practice your shot or play one-on-one for hours of fun.

Mini hockey net with three hockey sticks and a ball

Learn how to play indoor mini hockey.

Check availability for mini hockey sets.

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