About the VictorReader Stratus

The Victor Reader Stratus is an audio player that gives users with a print disability a great experience with DAISY books and magazines, audiobooks, music, podcasts, and more. All Victor Reader Stratus models are easy to use, featuring large, tactile, high-contrast keys, a built-in speaker and headphone jack, and self-voicing controls. 

Key features of the VictorReader Stratus include:

  • Built-in text-to-speech capability
  • Compatible with CDs, SD cards and USB flash drives
  • Transfer DAISY audio and text from CELA instantly to your reader using Direct to Player feature
  • Resume reading where you left off on each book you are reading
  • Move through text files by sentence, paragraph, word or even spell words

Two different models are available to borrow:

The Stratus 4 M model has a 4-arrow keypad developed for ideal reading navigation.  Place a hold on the VictorReader Stratus 4 M through the catalogue.

The Stratus 12 M model has a 12-key telephone style number pad for direct navigation functions. Place a hold on the VictorReader Stratus 12 M through the catalogue.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to borrow a VictorReader?

You will need a Brampton Library card in good standing to borrow. Click here to learn how to get a library card.

Where can I borrow a VictorReader?

VictorReaders are made available at all Brampton Library branches. When available, a VictorReader can be borrowed on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid disappointment, we recommend checking availability before you visit the library.

How long can I keep a VictorReader? 

You can borrow a VictorReader for 42 days. If you need the ReaderPen for longer, your loan can be renewed as long as there isn’t a waitlist. You can renew through the online catalogue, or with assistance from Brampton Library staff. We appreciate your cooperation with returning borrowed items in a timely manner.

How do I use the VictorReader?

A user guide in audio CD format is included when you borrow a VictorReader. You can also access the online version of the VictorReader user guide.

User guide for the VictorReader Stratus 4M in English.

User guide for the VictorReader Stratus 12 M in English.

An audio-video tour highlighting key features is also available for the VictorReader Stratus. 

Visit this page for frequently asked questions. 

Where can I return this kit?

You can return this kit to any Brampton Library branch. VictorReaders will need to be returned in-person to a staff member at a customer service desk during open hours. 

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