The door to our Chinguacousy branch near the parking lot is BROKEN. Please use the door on the opposite side, near the beach volleyball court and skate park, to enter the Library.

As of today (August 1) at 9pm, Brampton Library’s Chinguacousy Branch in the Brampton Civic Centre is set to close its doors forever. This closure evokes both sadness and optimism in me.

As most of you know, the reason for the closure is that the Civic Centre will be the location for the new School of Medicine that Toronto Metropolitan University is set to open in 2025. The Library, as a tenant in the building, was given six months’ notice in February to vacate. While the new medical school is good news for Brampton’s future, the move has put the Library in a difficult position. 

There has been a library in the Civic Centre since it opened as Chinguacousy Township’s City Hall and cultural centre in 1972. Merging with Brampton Library when the City of Brampton was created in 1974, the branch quickly became the flagship of our system, hosting an incredible array of cutting-edge programs and services and forging partnerships with community organizations located in the same building. In 2017 the branch unveiled a major renovation that included new computer labs, a makerspace and a recording studio. It was truly Bramalea’s community hub.

We did not have much time to search for a new location, but with the support of the City, we are relocating the branch in the short term to the Ski Chalet in Chinguacousy Park, a smaller but modern and airy building that will offer most of the same services, albeit on a smaller scale. Chinguacousy in the Park will open very soon, as we are only awaiting occupancy permission to close out the building permit and make sure everything is safe. But we know from your feedback that the location is less than ideal, not being as accessible on foot or by transit as the Civic Centre. 

So, why am I optimistic about the situation? Firstly, I have been blown away by the outpouring of support and concern from our users, who have told us over and over again how important the library has been to their success. Secondly, we are embarking on a process to explore options for a future permanent location for the branch, either by renovating an existing building or constructing a new one. The process will take some time, but in the interim we will still be able to serve the Bramalea area from the Ski Chalet. Tonight, as the last Civic Centre library users log out of their computers and check out their items, is the end of one era and the start of a new one. I hope you’ll join us on the ride. 

Brampton Library’s mission is to build an inclusive community by inspiring learning, literacy, and social cohesion, and what better way than to join your fellow community members in one of our summer clubs for kids, teens, and adults!

Regardless of your age, we have a club for you this summer, with challenges and chances to win prizes, as you read, play, and explore.

Our Brampton Brain Game encourages children from birth to age 12 to learn through play. Activity sheets are segmented by age, with challenges for children from 0 - 2, 3 - 5 and 6 - 12.

Teen Summer Reading Club invites participants between the ages of 13 and 18 to log their reading, write book reviews, complete online challenges and virtual escape rooms, and new for 2023, engage with the Battle of the Books, a bracket-style tournament on our Instagram page.

Adult Summer Reading Club offers great programs, a log to keep track of your reading and enter to win prizes, or simply unwind with a book in your favourite reading spot.

As in past years, we are extremely grateful to the Brampton Real Estate Board for their generous donation of funds for the purchase of our grand prizes.

Online registration is open now until September 1, 2023. Learn more at, or speak with staff in any of our branches.

Bright purple background with the text "Our vision inspiring connections. Our mission - to build an inclusive community by inspiring learning, literacy, and social cohesion. Our values: Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration, Community, Connection."Brampton Library is proud to launch its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan to guide us through the next five years. Since the spring of 2022, we have been talking to you --- stakeholders, members, residents, as well as our staff, about the challenges and opportunities facing Brampton. How can the Library best support our community’s growth and sustainability? 

One thing that has come through loud and clear is that the Library is an essential part of our social infrastructure, connecting people to learning, literacy, and technology; but we have work to do, to truly be the community hub that we envision, in our diverse city. 

Our Vision of inspiring connections continues to represent what we are striving for. Our new Mission is To build an inclusive community by inspiring learning, literacy, and social cohesion. Inclusion is a key part of the plan, reflected in our efforts to narrow the digital divide, to provide no-cost learning, to partner with social service agencies, and to build diversity among our staff. We have new shared Values, too, including the one that resonates most with me, which is Curiosity. I’m curious to know what concrete actions you want us to take in the years to come to make our Strategic Plan real. Contact me anytime at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know what you think!

In 2017, Brampton Library proudly launched the Local Authors Showcase, passionately championing new and emerging authors in Peel Region and facilitating a meaningful connection between them and avid readers. As the showcase enters its sixth year, it continues to flourish, providing authors with an exclusive presence in both our physical and digital collections.

The Showcase encompasses a wide range of genres, reflecting our commitment to celebrating our community's cultural heritage and the power of storytelling. From local history to poetry, mystery to romance, and children's books to personal narratives, this diverse collection showcases the richness of our literary landscape.

Join us on June 17th at Gage Park during the Brampton Farmers' Market from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. for the unveiling of the 2023-24 Local Authors Showcase. Discover the works of 55 unique authors, with over 70 new titles to explore. It's an exceptional event that promises a remarkable lineup of talented authors and captivating stories.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the authors who have contributed to this year's showcase. Your creativity and dedication to the craft of writing continue to inspire us. We also express gratitude to our Selection Librarian, Julia Huang, and the entire Collections and Marketing team for their diligent efforts in curating and promoting the Local Authors Showcase.

Brampton Library takes immense pride in fostering and highlighting the incredible talent within our community. Together, let's champion the power of literature and support the vibrant literary community in Brampton.

Learn more about the authors in the 2023-24 showcase here

Black-owned Artisan Market

In recognition of Black History Month, Brampton Library will be hosting a market featuring the work and art of Black artisans. Attend the market to purchase items, observe for free, and celebrate these local business owners who are devoted to skincare, drawing, sewing, digital art, and so much more.

Chinguacousy Feb. 18, 2–4 p.m.

The Amazing Tea Co. 

The Amazing Tea Company specializes in superior loose-leaf teas at budget-friendly prices. They continue to grow their offerings of tea by including traditional Jamaican tea bushes such as sour sop leaves infused with black tea and green tea. They are family owned and operated with a vision to be the brand of choice when reaching for a delightful selection of loose-leaf tea.

Blossom Garments

A display stand with a number of different hand made bags

Blossom Garments features one-of-a-kind clothing styles with African influence. Owner and master seamstress, Modupe Adara constructs handbags, headdresses, and various clothing garments. She has also worked on custom projects and continues to enhance her stylistic approach by exploring other art forms, such as Batik.


Six hands of Black women hold onto a small glass jar with "Centrepeace" label.

Centrepeace is an online Canadian store that handcrafts natural products that use aromatherapy to promote rejuvenating self-care experiences with eco-conscious packaging. Their product list consists of organic soap bars, decorated and customizable soy wax candles, herbal bath salt soaks, and organic herbs.

Château Neuf

Image of a display manikin wearing hand made floral accessories.

Château Neuf is a sustainable and slow-wear brand creating luxurious and fashionable accessories. The brand is envisioned with the desire to harvest true beauty for every woman. Each of their designs encompasses creativity and passion, which they strive to take to the next level. Château Neuf is the gateway for women to redefine their own expression of beauty. BE BOLD, BE FREE, BE FIERCE AND BE YOU!! "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". BE.YOU.TIFUL

Design Meets Desire

A handmade greeting card with a Black woman wearing a large black hat.

Designer Pamela Dolphy creates masterful greeting cards and wall art that celebrate Black culture. For more information about Design Meets Desire art pieces, please direct message:@mydesignyourdesire on Instagram.

Di Vine Beauty

Three amber bottles on a table with the label "Di Vine Beauty" on each.

Di Vine Beauty is focused on using natural, authentic ingredients to create quality skincare products. Rooted in both Kingston, Jamaica and Brampton, Ontario, this company seeks to empower customers to feel confident in their own skin. Founder Shennae Steele began with a goal to create authentic Jamaican oils and body butters in Canada and is now working to bring about traditional healing through her products with a modernist twist. She hopes to inspire her customers to make conscious, sustainable choices for their health and well-being.


one small glass bottle with the label "Naturalbychen" on it.

Chenelle Moseley created Naturalbychen after struggling to find an Afro hair product with natural ingredients that would help manage and repair her son’s hair. Through the study and implementation of Ayurvedic herbs, Chenelle has not only been able to create a wonderful line of hair products, she also works to inspire women and mothers to care and love natural hair.

Shea Essence

Althea Fraser is a Holistic Practitioner with a background in nutrition, herb blending, and aromatherapy. She is the founder and formulator of Shea Essence Wholesome Food for Skin. She is passionate about providing a plant-based skincare brand that supports women, men, and children with various skin sensitivities. Althea is passionate about health and wellness and is an ambassador for providing holistic options, products, and services to various communities.


This picture is divided into 8 squares and in each you can see different handmade items.

ShexArt is a black-woman-owned small business based in Brampton, selling handmade personalized resin pieces.

Tash began ShexArt (She is Art) as a means to create motivational pieces for those who need it. Together with her godsister Camille, they've been creating pieces which reflect their culture and promote positivity with affirmations and inspirational words. Items include bookmarks and journals as well as home decor and personalized gifts.

Soulful Colour Colouring Books

The Soulful colouring book against a white background.

The Soulful Colour brand of colouring books provides an uncomplicated, creative, and fun way to support and deliver powerful messages of financial and mental well-being, representation, diversity, inclusion, self-care, community, legacy, and self-love, just to name a few areas. These books achieve this through positive illustrations partnered with powerful affirmations, quotes, and mantras.

Sugar Plum Scrubs

A small glass jar on a wooden coaster with a "Sugar Plum Scrubs" label.

Sugar Plum Scrubs is a skincare and self-care company that harnesses the healing properties of the earth.

Sugar Plum Scrubs’ variety of body care solutions are made with homegrown and sun-dried lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and other herbs. These herbs are sprinkled and infused in our body scrubs, facial scrubs, and lip scrubs, alongside essential oils. This provides the nutrients to relieve common skin concerns such as dry skin, inflammation, eczema and ingrown hairs.

All of their natural products are fragrance-free and non-toxic. They promise a simple and straightforward body care experience that is refreshing, hydrating, and therapeutic.

T.S. Blends

T’S Blends is an online boutique for wellness teas, tea-infused bath & body products and gifts curated with self-care in mind. Our products are made from the earth’s natural ingredients that are clean, fresh, and safe.

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