The door to our Chinguacousy branch near the parking lot is BROKEN. Please use the door on the opposite side, near the beach volleyball court and skate park, to enter the Library.

May is for Makers! If you didn’t already know, libraries adore Makers. Seriously, we’re big fans. So much so we’re hosting MakerFest along with our library friends at Caledon and Mississauga. MakerFest is a celebration of art, design, media, and technology; a space to geek out with inventors, scientists, fixers and tinkerers; an awesome opportunity to connect with makers and explore creative ingenuity in your community. This spectacular two-day event invites makers of all ages to learn from an inspiring roster of guest presenters, ready to share their expertise. Discover the event lineup on the official MakerFest page.  

In the spirit of sharing, we’ve curated an incredible list of online learning resources for makers, inspired by some sessions that will be happening at MakerFest! Take note that your Brampton Library card gets you free, unlimited access to everything mentioned below. If you don’t already have a Brampton Library card, this is your sign to drop everything and apply to get a library card

New to making? Consider this list a starter pack from your friends at Brampton Library. You’ll want to stash these essential resources in your toolkit as you begin dabbling in a newfound interest. If you're a seasoned maker looking to expand or revitalize your skillset, you just might get inspired with fresh content and techniques to cultivate curiosity in your practice.

For the 3D printing enthusiast

Attend 3D Design with TinkerCad, or attend Fabrication with Shop3D, at MakerFest.

Next, dive into more learning with instant access to the latest e-books and online learning content in O’Reilly. We recommend:

Make: Getting Started with 3D Printing, 2nd Edition

3D Printing and Maker Lab for Kids 

Mastering 3D Printing: A Guide to Modeling, Printing, and Prototyping

Simplifying 3D Printing with OpenSCAD

You’ll also want to consider:

For the podcast creator

Attend the podcasting session with Nav Nanwa at MakerFest.

Next, expand your learning and take a course on producing professional podcasts. This self-paced course is available through LinkedIn Learning, and provides proven tips for producing professional, high-quality podcasts on any budget. You’ll get expert advice on pre-production strategies that will help you identify business opportunities, find your niche, and create a basic outline for your show. You’ll also discover techniques for recording and editing both podcasts and screencasts, along with strategies for marketing and tracking performance.

You’ll also want to consider:

For the maker with an appetite for entrepreneurship

Attend the Maker-Entrepreneur Spotlight at MakerFest.

Next, expand your learning by taking a course on how to start your own arts and crafts business. This 6-week online class available through Gale Courses will help you discover how to create a business identity, get into the best craft shows, design booths that draw customers, and price your work effectively.

You’ll also want to consider:

For the maker who’s a big fan of all things Cricut

Attend Cricut Basics with Crystal Allen at MakerFest

We also encourage you to borrow Crystal Allen’s books for expert guidance and inspiration.

For new projects to test out on your Cricut, head over to Creativebug. Here are a few classes to start:

You’ll also want to consider:

While we’ve covered a lot of fantastic (and free) options, we also know this list is by no means exhaustive. If we missed something of particular interest to you, we encourage you to explore the Digital Library. You can also connect with library staff. We're always happy to help you find resources for your next project.

Happy making, and see you at MakerFest!

Brampton Library is delighted to once again be teaming up with Let’s Get Together to host two TechCollect Drives this spring outside Brampton Library branches. I recently chatted with Brampton resident and long-standing member of the LGT Tech4All youth group Joshua (Josh) Kurian to learn more about these upcoming events and how the community can get involved. 

Next TechCollect: Saturday, June 25, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. outside of Mount Pleasant Village Branch Library

LGT Tech4All Youth Volunteers Josh Kurian and Dilshan Marasinghe at the September 2021 Tech Collect Drive

Image: LGT Tech4All Youth Volunteers Josh Kurian and Dilshan Marasinghe at the September 2021 TechCollect Drive 

What is the Let’s Get Together Tech4ALL team, and how did you get involved? 

JK: Let’s Get Together is a non-profit organization that aims to make learning equitable and education available to everyone. We see a world where every youth has equal opportunity to pursue higher education with no barriers and with the support of technology.  

Back when I was in grade six, I got involved with Tech Stewardship, which was part of the science and - technology program, through my teacher Mr. Dobbie. After graduating middle school, a few of us stayed together and Mr. Dobbie introduced us to Alison Canning, Executive Director of Let’s Get Together. We joined the LGT Tech4All Youth team, a student-led group dedicated to advancing the vision of accessible technology and education for all. 

What is a TechCollect Drive event? 

JK: A TechCollect Drive is an event where people can donate their unwanted computers and electronic devices for others in need. They are hosted in partnership with other local organizations, like Brampton Library. The idea is to tap into the supply of home computers, laptops and other electronic devices which are frequently put to the side and forgotten when someone upgrades to a newer device. Many throw these electronics in the garbage, causing harm to the environment. Quite often these older devices are still in usable condition and could be put into the hands of individuals and families who could really use them. 

Why are events like these important? 

JK: There are many families that lack access to technology at home and this is especially difficult during COVID times. Refurbished computers are the fastest way to get functional devices into the hands of those who need them. During COVID, a lot of us have invested in new technology or upgraded what we’re using, but still have spare computers and laptops collecting dust in our homes. Through these events, we can clear up that clutter while putting tech into the hands of those who need it most. This also lets people own what they need to further their education instead of relying on borrowed devices. 

What technology will be accepted at the event?

JK: We’re especially interested in collecting devices that can connect to the internet, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We will also accept monitors, gaming consoles, printers, keyboard, mice, storage drives, and other computer peripherals and accessories that can be recycled. 

Does tech have to be in working order to be donated?

Devices that are not more than a few years old are preferable, of course, as these have a higher chance of being fixable. But we will accept broken and out-of-date devices, too. Anything that can’t be refurbished is safely recycled.

How should someone prepare a device before they donate it? 

JK: Well, firstly, you’ll want to make sure you back up any documents, photos, or other data that you don’t want to lose from the device you’re donating. Save these to an external hard drive, a USB key, or a cloud storage service. 

EW: For peace of mind, and to protect your personal information, I recommend deleting everything on your old device including your download folder, browser history, cookies, cached files, etc. For tablets and smartphones, delete all of your apps and app data, and do a factory reset if you can. 

JK: Yes, you can do these things yourself prior to donating, but rest assured that the Tech4All team will also do this for you. We provide free data erase service and will provide a certificate upon request confirming that your data has been erased. 

How are the computers refurbished? 

JK:  We completely erase all of the data and install a new operating system on the device, which is usually Linux. Using Linux allows us to repurpose older computers and avoid costly licensing fees so we can distribute computers at low or no cost.

How are the refurbished devices distributed? 

Refurbished devices are distributed through our distribution team. We find individuals and families who are in need through partnerships with schools and other community agencies, as well as through the request form on our website. 

Where can eligible families register to receive a refurbished device?

 There’s a form on our website where you can apply to receive a refurbished device. Information about eligibility is also available here.

What do you like most about volunteering at the TechCollect Drives?

JK: I’ve always had a love for technology and an interest in fixing and repairing computers. Through volunteering at TechCollect Drives, I’m able to apply that knowledge to help my local community. I also really enjoy hearing stories from the people who have benefited directly from these events and are now able to pursue educational opportunities as a result of receiving a refurbished device. 

What have you learned as a Tech4All volunteer? 

JK: Besides the technical skills I’ve acquired, such as learning to fix and refurbish computers, this experience has opened my eyes to inequity. I used to take for granted that everyone had access to a reliable computer and the internet. The more time I spend as a Tech4All volunteer, the more I understand the importance of providing access to these devices to help level the playing field.

How can local youth get involved with the Tech4All team?

We’re always looking for youth interested in technology and a desire to learn to join us. You don’t need to know to fix or refurbish computers, we’ll teach you! On our website, you’ll find information about how to get involved

Josh and other members of the LGT Tech4All team will be on-site at our two upcoming TechCollect Drives this Spring:

Saturday, April 30, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. outside of Springdale Branch Library 

Saturday, June 25, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. outside of Mount Pleasant Village Branch Library

For more information about these events, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1. Join a virtual program with Brampton Library. Learn about exotic animals with Hands-on Exotics or play Virtual book bingo for your chance to win a prize. Go to our Calendar of Events to register for virtual programs.

2. Enjoy a walk on a snowy day with snowshoes! Borrow kids’ or adult-size snowshoes, free with your library card. Learn more about our Seasonal Activity Kits from our Library of Things collection.

3. Escape rooms may not be possible, but put it outside and it becomes an Escape game at the park. Head to Loafer’s Lake Park to enter the time loop and solve puzzles to rebuild your time machine! The escape game runs from March 1–31. No need to book a time, just dress for the weather and enjoy the game!

4. Not interested in “escaping” outside? Try our Virtual escape room, available from March 12–20! 

5. Check out City of Brampton's programs and camps for March Break

6. Stream a movie at home on Kanopy for free with your Brampton Library card.

7. Learn how to crochet or draw manga with video tutorials from Creativebug. Your library card gives you access to thousands of craft projects for free.

8. Teens can pick up the Take and make kit to create a kaleidocycle anytime between March 12–20 while supplies last.

9. Interested in getting outside? Borrow an Ontario Parks pass and snowshoes from Brampton Library and go for a walk in the snow.

10. Take a Story Walks at Chinguacousy Park or play our haunted Escape game at Loafer’s Lake Park.

It has been two years since our whole world was up-ended by the COVID-19 pandemic and Brampton Library had to shut its doors. I want to thank all of our customers, staff, and supporters for their continued commitment to helping the Library and the community thrive in difficult times. 

The Library did thrive during the pandemic. We expanded our Digital Library, introduced curbside pickup service, pivoted to virtual programs, launched our mobile app, and started interacting with you through chat on our website. When it was safe, we slowly re-opened our branches with limited capacity and services. Although it has been hard on our community and on our team, we’ve learned that the library is an evolving and flexible piece of social infrastructure, and that it plays an important role in fostering equity. That’s one of the reasons why as of January 1, 2022, Brampton Library no longer charges late fees on any of our materials. We’ve also learned that the resources we provide for borrowing are not the only thing people need the Library for. Our spaces, our programming, and our role in community gathering are also important, and we have missed these opportunities to gather in person.  

As covid restrictions are lifted, we are relaxing restrictions and re-introducing services. Wearing a mask is no longer required when you visit our branches, nor are there any restrictions on the number of people who can be in our spaces at one time. We ask you to respect the choices of others, including our staff, to continue to wear a mask as they choose. We will gradually re-introduce all of the seating you have been used to so that you can spend more time studying, reading, and relaxing. We will also re-introduce in-person programming to animate our spaces, starting with CBC My Brampton Day at Springdale Branch Library on March 30, We are looking forward to bringing back our popular in-branch family storytimes in the first week of April, and our makerspaces shortly after. By the fall, we hope to have our audio recording studio at Chinguacousy Branch Library fully operational, and are planning on offering after-hours study halls at select locations.

This is an exciting time at Brampton Library for other reasons, too. We have already released a new Facilities Master Plan that calls for doubling the amount of library space in the next 10 years, starting with the planning of a new downtown library as part of the Centre For Innovation project. Now, we are working on creating a new Strategic Plan, and we need your voice! You can complete our survey from March 28 until April 25, 2022. If you are interested in participating in a community discussion, or have other thoughts about the Library’s future role in our growing community, you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As we recover from this pandemic, we want to know what we can do to help everyone feel that they belong at the Library.

Hello, Brampton!

Thank you for your patience during our closure of Mount Pleasant Village branch Library and our gradual resumption of the library services we know you need and appreciate.

Last week, we re-opened our branch study spaces at seven locations and tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1, 2022, we are delighted to announce that Mount Pleasant Village Branch Library will once again be open for regular hours and will also offer study space. Curbside pickup service at Mount Pleasant will no longer be available.

We invite you to enjoy these library services:

  • We are OPEN to serve you Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mount Pleasant Village reopens on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.
  • Note: our South West branch is open Tuesday and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 
  • Browse and borrow items from our collections, including print materials, DVDs, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Use our spaces to study, read, and relax, within individual branch capacity limits.
  • Use our library Chromebooks while visiting our branches.
  • Use our library computers for up to an hour per day. Computer reservations are not available at this time.
  • Print, photocopy, and scan your documents. Printing is offered in black and white at 20 cents per page.

To keep our staff and customers safe, all COVID-19 health and safety protocols remain in place.

  • In accordance with the City of Brampton Mandatory Mask By-Law 135-2020, all customers and staff are required to wear masks inside our buildings at all times.
  • Customers should maintain a minimum physical distance of two metres whenever possible.
  • Staff will periodically clean high touchpoint areas.
  • Customers should self-screen before entering our spaces.
  • Customers are encouraged to use our self check-out kiosks to check out borrowable items.
  • Download and use our mobile app to check out items. Learn more about our app.

In closing, I invite you to visit your favourite branch library and reconnect with us. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We look forward to inspiring connections with you.

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